What is Branding?


Every brand has a story to tell. From a visual perspective, branding allows your customers, clients, and prospects to immediately differentiate you from the competition and gauge what type of company you are, what your values are, what you can do for them and your personality.

Your brand always takes center stage and a strong brand can impact the success of your company’s mission and affect every aspect from marketing, operations, sales, brand loyalty, trust and credibility.

That's where I can help you create an amazing brand that conveys the personality of your company and help you find the best places to market your business, all while keeping your cost low. 

What I offer is a chance to help you make a well-defined mark in your industry. To help you create the strong voice that you need to communicate effectively to your audience and help you stand out amongst the competition. A small investment in branding and marketing will more than pay for itself in the short term.



Is This You?


+ You are ready to revamp your image and tired of your boring brand.

+ You highly value quality, fresh perspectives, meticulous detail and flawless execution when it comes to your work.

+ You understand the importance of brand identity in order to be successful in your business.

+ You are organized and prepared to collaborate on creating your new brand.

+ You just started a new business and need help crafting the perfect brand.

+ Your business has started to do well, but could use a fresh identity in order to attract new and ideal clients.


If this is you, then you are ready for a new brand!


The Creative Process



In order to build your new brand identity and best reflect what makes your business unique, I'll have you fill out a design questionnaire that will highlight your business' values, your objectives, what type of clients you attract and your goals.

+ Download Branding & Design Questionnaire

Review & Research

Once the questionnaire is complete, we'll discuss in more detail exactly what you are looking for. I will then draw up a creative brief for your approval that outlines the goals, objectives and strategy for the project. In addition, I will begin doing market research, gather visual inspiration for your brand and create a mood board that represents our strategy and design inspiration.

+ 1 revision allotted


Design & Development

Once the creative brief and mood board are approved, I can start diving deep into the design and conceptualize your brand. During this collaborative process, I'll begin sketching out new designs on both paper and computer. Design is a collaborative process, so your feedback and participation is essential and always welcomed.

+ 2 revisions allotted


Print Collateral

Now that we have your fresh, new brand identity squared away, it's time to work on your print collateral. I will design three (3) design collaterals. When it is time to print, I will send you all the print-ready files. I can refer you to printing companies who can fufill your printing needs or coordinate directly with your printer. The cost of printing is not included.

+ 2 revisions for each collateral


Web Design

With your new brand and collateral, we can begin the process of creating your website. Utilizing a dynamic Content Management System (CMS) such as Squarespace or Shopify, I will create a responsive, unique, and user-friendly site. Through a CMS site, you'll be able to streamline and automate your online needs. You'll have the ability to maintain the site on your own and edit text, photos, and much more.

+ 3 revisions allotted


Ready. Set. Go.

It's Time to Launch!

Woot woot! Let's celebrate this huge milestone! You are all set with a fresh new brand and/or website and ready to show it off to the world. Don't worry, we won't just leave you hangin'! I will provide you with a Brand Success Guide that will help you maintain your brand at the end of the process. If you would like further assistance maintaining your site and social media, check out my weekly and monthly maintenance packages.